Tyrants' Seal

The Story so Far: Session X

The adventurers Jurek Belikov and Bartik Maturin met up with a mysterious Rakran spy named only "Wilhelm", and after a cursory investigation of nearby ruins in the town of Lastreach in Prest, they found a group of thugs belonging to an order known as The Sigils.

These Sigils had slain a local priestess named Mileena, who became Revenant after Jurek broke the curse binding her to the ruins as a Rusalka. She followed them for a long time since. After investigating the ruins, the group reported to Knight Captain Sera and were then sent to other nearby ruins to investigate further Sigil activity, along with a travelling warrior by the name of Flint Ironwall.

Numerous strange beasts emerged from strange doors in the ground that the Sigils had found, all bearing the same symbol. The vast majority of them belonged to the Tyrant Velik Broj. The largest of these sealed terrors emerged from the Hollow Mountain on the battlefield island of Azzerat. While Wilhelm left the group under surreptitious circumstances, they met up with a traveler named Karen Weiss and a 'diplomat' by the name of Dalton Carmine. Jurek was called elsewhere, as he found his skills wanting.

After a  plague of beetles emerged from the ground, the group of Karen, Dalton, Bartik, Flint, and an archeologist named Rory found they could not contain the threat, and under recommendation of the Prest Spymaster, they fled to the Mahtian town of Saltsport so they would not be incriminated for releasing the beetle scourge.

After a detour near Lumber Ridge and a run-in with Zvej soldiers trying to exploit the region's natural resources, Karen led the others to Kingseat, where they quelled a local gang-war, leading to the death of Papa Binley, the leader of the Barrel Ring Gang. By the time this was over, the group was approached by a strange doctor by the name of Gavon.

Karen, Bartik, Flint, and Dalton returned to the island under the doctor's request, and worked to seal away the beetle scourge that was now causing the dead all over the battlefield island to rise.  After meeting with Riza Shieldcracker and deposing of the leader of Zvej forces on the island, the group managed to get the beetles mostly under control at the cost of Flint's life. Yet it seemed a strange Rakran splinter spy, a Moroii, had been monitoring the conflict for some time.

With Jurek bringing his friend Vincent Carnack to aid, this eventually led to a conflict with Nefrit Ishu, an ancient ruler of a past kingdom that was plaguing the land, yet she was sealed for a long time to come. Karen returned to Mahtia after a near-death encounter, yet a man by the name of Kevin Schwartz, a colleague of Wilhelm's, offered aid once the crisis on the island became known to Rakra. Once made peaceful, the island became neutral ground, officially owned by Prest yet not quite a province. Dalton became arbiter of conflict on Azzerat, yet strange happenings have been sighted far to the north.

While Karen and Bartik returned to Mahtia after hearing of flying sorcerers wreaking havoc upon their homeland, Jurek and Vincent had heard of strange happenings in the neighboring Viirm, that sounded all too similar to the means of Flint's death.

Kevin's report on Azzerat, however, has moved Rakra to action. There is a splinter group that seems to be harming Rakra's already fragile international image.


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