The world is small, its kingdoms young.


Yet the people of Pristat suffer from the mistakes made in the distant past. Life is hard, and every nation is a hair's breadth away from war. Everywhere, a different and hostile world, Yrranak, lurks just below the ground.


The nation of Prest exists in the most fertile corner of the world, in a floodplain where food is plenty. Their religious attitude often puts them in conflict with Rakra, an island nation to the northwest. At the same time, on their eastern border lies Zvej, a vast, overpopulated land with a strict government that oversees every aspect of life. Mahtia exists to the north, in by far the most hostile land that humans could inhabit, wanting nothing of the conflicts of the other nations. Just nearby is Viirm, home to a race that isn't quite human.

There is an unsteady peace, one that always seems to be disturbed by those bearing the Tyrant Symbol: 




Tyrants' Seal

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